zaterdag 20 augustus 2016

Painting the background and light carriers

Modules are sanded and ready for painting:

The blue I use:

Rolling it on the background, first wet layer:

And first layer on:

Carrier strips with first coat drying:

After second coat it still has too much "shine":

3 sets light carriers ready:

Top of modules also in colour:

And light carriers drying from second coat:

Today I matted the background with Motip matt clear coat. First layer on and drying:

I think this is a huge improvement, now it has to dry and see if it needs eventually a second coat. Maybe I do that after I will make a nice background and coat that in matt.


zondag 14 augustus 2016

Staining some wood

Stained both types of ties in thinned brown colour:

And drying:

This afternoon I compared the colours in the light. I am satisfied with the brownish look of the ties:

And made a base for the assembly of the trestle legs:


zaterdag 13 augustus 2016

Sawing and painting some wood!

Made the strips for my LED lighting today. Used a table circular saw:


Made sets for all modules:

3 sets for 4 modules:

Painted it tonight in ground colour:

The battlefield after painting......:

Later more!

woensdag 10 augustus 2016

More pics

Had forgotten some pictures. This is the new height wet in the JV drawing:

And the drawing set in the layout:

Also did some colour stain testing on the JV wood as on Kappler ties:

Translation: grijs = grey, bruin = brown

dinsdag 9 augustus 2016

Painted the bridgewalls today:

I think still too dark.
Determined the swing of the bridge and draw that on the layout:

Made a drawing for the right short trestle. Starting with a piece of A4 paper:

Marked the end points:

With the help of this tool once belonged to my dad (he was a carpenter):

Drawing the lines:

And glued it on a piece of board:

Oeps... had to be mirror image so I made a new one and glued that on the other side of the board:

Measuring out the place of the ties:

And the stuff needed to make this drawing:

With the drawing of the kit and the SP plans I can make a fairly precise copy of it:

And in the layout to see if it will fit:

More to come!

maandag 8 augustus 2016

Some paintwork

Painting the base of the swing bridge:

Also the wooden part, first priming:

Painting it grey:

Some grey went trough the seems of the masking tape, had to redo some of the black:

 Mockup of the painted parts:

And a nice bridge view of what it will become:

Later more: